By Emma Nuttall, Advice and Policy Manager of Friends, Families and Travellers

The number of foster carers from the Gypsy and Traveller communities in the UK is currently extremely low. This is a great shame considering there is a great need for Gypsy/Traveller children to be fostered by carers from their own ethnic backgrounds.

By Eva Nyandoro, Voice4Change England

Every month we feature one of our members and ask them what their organisation is about and what they’ve been up to. This month we caught up with Lisa Mok, Assistant Director of Wai Yin Society.

Wai Yin Society was founded in 1988 by a group of Chinese women in Greater Manchester who wanted to support women who suffered domestic violence and breakdowns in family life. Over the years the society’s programmes have expanded to meet the demands of Black and minority ethnic (BME) community groups in Manchester.  This year, Wai Yin Chinese Women’s Society changed its name to the Wai Yin Society

By Lester Holloway, Policy Officer for V4CE

There’s been a lot of debate recently about diversity, or lack of it, in the media. 
Comments by Lenny Henry about the lack of BME people in broadcasting, and the more historical perspective of former TV producer Farrukh Dhondy in The Voice newspaper illustrate not just how far we’ve got to go but how far we’ve slipped back.

By Daniel Silver, co-director of the Social Action & Research Foundation

The Living Wage is fast becoming a key campaign of our age. And no wonder. The injustice of low-pay is increasing throughout the UK. As Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s research on minimum income standards has shown, the past five years have seen an unprecedented erosion of living standards in the UK. Median household incomes reached a peak in 2009, with earnings continuing to fall relative to prices at least until late 2013.

By Nusrat Faizullah, Educationalist

Stuart Hall is a figure that I have only come to know well recently but in that short time he has influenced me deeply. There are points in life where you stop and reflect on where you have come from in relation to where you are going. These points of reflection often take place at junctions where you examine who you are amidst the changes and necessary evolution that takes place in life. Stuart Hall who sadly died yesterday, helped me to understand these feelings but most importantly taught me to be comfortable with them and the ambiguous nature of identity in these modern times.