Barriers to Collaboration


“I worry collaboration with BME groups can be tokenistic. There is no strategy whenever this is brought up at meetings. Collaboration has to be meaningful.” Mainstream organisation

V4CE has conducted a piece of research scoping out the “Barriers to Collaboration and Partnerships between BME and Mainstream Organisations in London”.  We have compiled our findings and recommendations into a report.

This report has given us an opportunity to generate a dialogue and lead a debate on the barriers of collaborative working between mainstream and BME organisations. It has enabled organisations working in partnership to share their experiences with us. We hope these findings will be disseminated to the sector to highlight some of the challenges faced by organisations that have undertaken or attempted to undertake collaboration across BME and mainstream lines.

The report will also encourage organisations to consider their role in improving the nature of collaboration between the sectors and reflect on their ability to engage better with different organisations in order to improve the quality of services to the diverse communities they serve. This will also go on to inform the “Fairer and More Equitable Collaborations” programme that will seek to engage the sector to deliver on this by providing a variety of resources and support services.

Download the report here. Please circulate this report to your networks.