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The case of the Rochdale sex abuse ring has nothing to do with race, class or religion argues Amina Lone from the Social Action Research Foundation

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We need to challenge mainstream negative dialogue around migration argues Dan Silver from One North West.
30th April 2012

We can't assume faith leaders speak for everyone argues Bryan Teixeira from Naz project London.
4th April 2012

The Government won't mend ‘Broken Britain’ by ignoring inequalities, says Dan Silver from One North West.
26th March 2012

Cuts to domestic violence services are puting women ar risk and costing more, says Baljit Banga from Newham Asian Women's Project.
8th March 2012

Tough times are ahead for the voluntary and community sector but we need to come up with solutions, argues  Dan Silver from One North West.
13th Feb 2012

Has the economic climate killed off what it means to be a charity, asks Bryan from Naz Project London?
9th Feb 2012

Are mainstream services doing enough to address BME homelessness asks Tracey from the Race Equality Foundation? 
7th Feb 2012

With cuts to legal advice services, justice and equality are denied those who can't afford them, argues  Shantele from Cheshire, Halton and Warrington Race Equality Centre. 
18th Jan 2012

How accountable is the Big Society, asks Dan from One North West?
14th November 2011

Bryan For NPL says Britain has always been multi-ethnic; get used to it
24th October 2011

Dan from One North West asks whether localism is really open to everyone?
18th Oct 2011

Shantele from Cheshire, Halton and Warrington Race Equality Centre on groups labelled 'hard to reach'
6th Oct 2011

Dan from One North West on the 'Westminster bubble'
19th Sept 2011

Baljit from Newham Asian Women's Project on women's resilience and survival
12th Sept 2011

Bryan from Naz Project London and finding the USP for the BME sector
30th Aug 2011

Dan from One North West on criminal justice and the riots
23rd Aug 2011

V4CE Chair, Elizabeth Balgobin on the August 2011 riots
9th Aug 2011


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