Voice4Change lead the demo against the withdrawal of funding from of Southall Black SistersVoice4Change England runs campaigns to bring the BME VCS and its supporters together to create change.  Our most recent campaigns include:

  • Save the Equality Act: our contribution to protect the hard won Equality Act from attempts to scrap, reform, simplify or merge parts or the entire Act under the guise of reducing red tape. 
  • Shared Vision: our collaborative vision for the future of the BME VCS, with recommendations to policymakers and the sector over 9 policy areas. PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT for the future of the sector.
  • Big Unfair Society: our successful campaign to secure a voice for BME and other equality-led organisations in policy development and delivery by the Office for Civil Society.


Tell us what we should be looking at

We regularly review our policy areas to reflect the changing external environment and member needs.  If you feel there are other policy areas we should be focusing on or if you have something to say about our existing policy areas - let our Policy Team know on 0207 697 4240 or email