Compact and Public Law Training

Voice4Change England (V4CE) and the Empowering the Voluntary Sector project (bringing together the expertise of Compact Advocacy, based at NCVO, NAVCA and the Public Law Project) are providing training to support the BME VCS in understanding the principles and frameworks of public law and the Compact.

The training will give you the skills and knowledge to influence decisions made by public bodies. Living examples of this will be shared. For example Southall Black Sisters used public law and Compact principles to successfully challenge a funding decision made by Ealing Council in 2008.

What is Public Law?

Public law is law which governs the way in which public bodies exercise their powers lawfully and fairly.

The Compact is not a legally binding agreement. However it is underpinned by public law principles. Government has signed up to the national Compact creating a legitimate expectation that it will abide by the commitment within. Failure to abide may provide recourse for VCOs to legal remedies.

Likewise this is also relevant to local VCOs and public bodies.

One day workshops

The aim of the workshops is to equip BME VCOs with skills to use the principles of public law and the Compact to negotiate effectively with public bodies. Issues covered on the day include how to deal with unfair funding cuts and consultation and how to identify if a public body's decision-making processes are lawful.

These enjoyable and engaging workshops are open to staff and volunteers from all VCOs who are funded by, or seeking funding from, public bodies, as well as those that have been affected by decisions of public bodies, for example in consultation processes.

The workshops focus on participants' experience (both organisational and personal) of dealing with public bodies, and on how to prevent and resolve disputes.

The one day workshops includes sessions on

  • Public Law and the Compact
  • Equality legislation
  • Things that can go wrong
  • What you can do when faced with these problems

Comments from previous participants

We have already successfully delivered a number of workshops across the country. This is what some of the participants had to say:

I thoroughly enjoyed the course – it was well structured and very informative.

I am so happy that I attended the workshop. I would definitely recommend to other organisations.

Excellent training workshop.

Would be more confident in using the Compact. Very Helpful.

Forthcoming workshops


Thursday 22 March 2012

10.30am - 3.30pm

CHAWREC, The Unity Centre, 17 Cuppin Street, Chester, CH1 2BN


Tuesday 24 April 2012

10.30am - 3.30pm

Venue TBC

If you would like to attend any of these workshops contact Ravi Chauhan on 0843 208 1252or at   

We are welcoming invitations from organisations to host training workshops in their local areas in partnership with V4CE.

If you would like to host a training workshop contact Ravi Chauhan on 0843 208 1252 or at  

Half day workshops

If you are unable to attend the one day workshops then a half day taster course can be arranged. The workshop will provide you with a more consolidated overview of how to use the Public Law principles and the Compact to work effectively with public bodies. If you would like to host a half day training workshop please contact Ravi Chauhan on 0207 843 6129 or at


Please invite us to any events you may be hosting to deliver a presentation or a workshop. We would be happy to attend be it for a one hour presentation or to deliver a workshop.

Costs and bookings


Although the cost of the workshop is free V4CE exercises a strict cancellation policy to ensure that we give maximum opportunity to all who wish to attend. If you book onto a workshop and are unable to attend you must give four working days notice prior to the date of the workshop. Failure to give four days notice will result in you incurring a cancellation charge of £30.00. As a result of booking onto a workshop you are agreeing to comply with this condition.

If you are a BME VCO and you would like to find out more about the above workshops, or would like us to attend your events, please contact Ravi Chauhan on 0207 843 6129 or at