How to...Communication


Do you think that communications is mostly fluff or a 'nice to have'? Then read on. Good communications is key to being visible and your message being heard. It is the foundation on which you will piggyback your stories of impact and the change you have achieved.

When budgets are tight you need to be more savvy and lot more strategic about how you spend your valuable time. If you could do one activity well, which one would it be? Listen to your colleagues in the sector share some valuable tips.

Social Media

Social media is a boon to small penniless charities. You can reach millions without spending a penny and create the sort of buzz only thousands of pounds of advertising might have done before. If you change one thing on your organisation's communications plan then let it be this! Social media guru, Ian Parkinson from the BBC tells you how.


Journalists are a tough crowd to impress. Jonaid Jilani from Oxfam's media unit shares his experience of working for Islamic Relief and discusses some key tactics to get your story in the media.

Digital Inclusion



We are the only organisation to have a dedicated BME Compact Officer to help you understand the Compact, advise you on implementing its principles and signpost you to our wealth of resources.

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