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Voice4Change England: Annual Report 2012Fair, Equal, Inclusive: Impact Report 2011
2012 - 2013


"Looking back over the last year, V4CE has cetainly done its best to straddle the need to continue to implement its work programme branching out into sector areas, supporting other organisations through difficult times, while also looking to secure its own financial base" Chief Executive Kunle Olulode

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Big Society& Equalities: The Bigger Picture

September 2012

Voice4Change England and the Women's Resource Centre have been commissioned by the Office for Civil Society to provide advice to Government on the challenges that inequalities present to the potential of delivering the Big Society agenda, how we can most effectively work together in order to address them, and the opportunities for tackling inequalities that the Big Society agenda offers. This report details our research  findings. 

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Where Next For Specialist Infrastructure Support Organisations September 2012

Voice4Change England believes that the need for specialist infrastructure organisations to support diversity in public service providers. However, the climate for infrastructure organisations is a very challenging one , and is even more difficult for those providing support to infrastructure organisations. The paper explores some of the challenges and issues that these organisations face. 

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Big Society Briefing Papers

Voice4Change and Women's Resource Centre have developed three briefing papers focusing on three Big Society Government funded initiatives;

  • Community Organisers Programme. The community organisers programme is a £15 million initiative to train 5,000 community organisers to help their communities come together and tackle issues and develop community projects in deprived areas. Download here
  • Community First Programme. The community first programme aims to encourage people to give time, money, goods, services and facilities to improve local communities. Download here
  • Local Integrated Services is a new approach to delivering local services which brings together budgets and local assets and puts communities in control of co-producing and commissioning services. Download here.

Fair, Equal, Inclusive: Impact Report 2011Fair, Equal, Inclusive: Impact Report 2011
October 2011

Our Inaugural AGM, held on the 26th October, saw the launch of Voice4Change England’s (V4CE) first Impact Report for the year 2011. The new publication presents the journey of V4CE for the first time, from their birth as a loose partnership of BME voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) to a new charity in their own right and the first national BME-led membership body in England. For their four years of operation, it describes the outcomes and impact achieved.

Fair, Equal, Inclusive: Impact Report 2011 also presents the financial overview for the year in focus, 2010-2011, explaining how V4CE raised our income and how the money raised was spent.


A Transformative BME VCS
March 2011

The purpose of this paper is to encourage thinking and action within Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) voluntary and community1 organisations (VCOs) at this transitional moment. We argue that, for BME VCOs to be transformative social forces in the time of the Big Society, they need to give renewed meaning to the idea of BME as a unifying identity; build a sense of shared purpose with other BME VCOs; and to explicitly locate work for greater race equality  in a broader project of building a society that is progressive, diverse and characterised by solidarity.



Shared VisionA Shared Vision for the BME Voluntary and Community Sector
September 2010

This research publication sets out a long term shared vision for the BME voluntary and community sector. This document identifies areas of action that policymakers can take working in partnership with BME voluntary and community organisations to improve outcomes for BME communities.

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Performance ImprovementPerformance Improvement
March 2010

Four factsheets provide key information on each performance approach as well as a scenario involving a BME organisation describing how it can help them build on what they are already doing. They have been designed to be relevant to BME third sector organisations.

Factsheet 1: Capturing Progress
Capturing progress through monitoring and evaluation can help an organisation to gather information about their work and the difference that it makes. This factsheet explores monitoring and evaluation through the use of a scenario that BME organisations can relate to and providing further information about this approach.

Factsheet 2: Thinking Ahead
Thinking ahead through strategic planning can help an organisation to better plan for the future. This factsheet explores strategic planning through the use of a scenario that BME organisations can relate to and providing further information about this approach

Factsheet 3: Meeting Expectations
Meeting expectations through delivering quality through the use of a relevant system can help an organisation set and meet the expectations of its users. This factsheet explores delivering quality through the use of a scenario that BME organisations can relate to and providing further information about this approach.

Factsheet 4: Sharing Good Practice
Sharing good practice through benchmarking can help an organisation to learn by a good example set by others. This factsheet explores benchmarking through the use of a scenario that BME organisations can relate to and providing further information about this approach.


Agenda 4 ChangeAgenda4Change
December 2009

With this publication we want to initiate a debate with BME Third Sector organisations to dene their key needs for the policy makers. We will consult with the BME Third Sector at the start of 2010
using this publication to shape and inform the draft Manifesto for the BME Third Sector.



Stories of ResilienceStories of Resilience: BME Third Sector organisations finding solutions to the recession
October 2009

The challenges of the recession have brought about a strengthened resilience in the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) third sector.  Voice4Change England presents solutions that BME third sector organisations have found to stand ¬firm against the challenges of the recession. The stories also highlight the value of BME organisations and groups in meeting growing local needs and building civil society through volunteering and in many different ways.


Eliminating RacismEliminating Racism
April 2009

One of our most popular publications marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of the
Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.  Voice4Change England has brought together reflections and perspectives of some Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Third Sector organisations and some key funding bodies of BME community groups to assess for itself the impact of the Inquiry’s recommendations, and also for those providing funding to comment on developments from their experience.


Evidencing the Value of the BME Third Sector Evidencing the Value of The BME Third Sector
November 2008

Voice4Change England explores the role of the BME Third Sector in meeting local needs and aims to assess their contribution to community cohesion and building civil society through a series a case studies.


Bridging the GapBridging the Gap
October 2007

Voice4Change England set out to examine what data and evidence there is available on BME groups working within the Third Sector. The research was undertaken by b:RAP, a human rights organisation with a strong reputation for innovative equalities research. This is a summary of the research key findings and recommendations.