Sector Directory, Networks and Blogs

Voice4Change England (V4CE) know that networking and scouting for potential partners can be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes you may also want a faciliatator to help you bridge the trust gap. We are here to help you.

As a member, you can promote yourself via your digital profile, hosted on the V4CE website, search through our Sector Directory, and meet other relevant voluntary and community groups for networking and sharing best practice.

You can also submit a Member Blog to be published and promoted through our digital platforms.

The Matching Service, which will broker relationships between you and other voluntary and community organisations is coming soon!

We have a reputation in the sector for being an honest broker and our services have been used by the Ministry of Justice, Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) and Capacitybuilders among many others.

Promote yourself and express yourself through the V4CE website. You can have your say on the issues that matter and promote your own organisation by signing up to our website in a few simple steps.

We are currently deveoping the V4CE site so you can network with other organisations, participate in issue-led forums, receive advice, promote yourself, signpost and share resources. 

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