Survey on Social investment and the BME Sector

Social Investment and BME Sector

Dear Friends and associates

In compiling the Bridging the Gap report in 2015 Voice4Change England extensively surveyed our member organisations across the country to solicit their views.

In the summer of 2015 we further sought your advice to assist V4CE in refining our ideas in developing a coordinating / brokering bid to bring funders and BAME VCS groups together. We are pleased to say this has happened. 

The Bridging the Gap project for us has never been simply academic exercise for us - we have always seen it as important to have practical outcomes for our members and associated bodies within our network. One of the important outcomes we noted were your collective feelings for moving beyond grant funding and that consideration should also be given to alternatives. We have taken those points very seriously and we are now in a strong position to explore the establishment of a social investment fund targeted at BME charities and community groups.

To develop the project further we require your views on whether such a fund might be something you would take up as an option alongside grant aid/contracts and donor funding. We need to have some idea of the level of interest and so we are asking you to fill in the attached survey form with your views.

We are aiming to have a unique fund in place in the spring of 2017. The organisations which are seriously looking for investment and are keen to carry the conversation further with Voice4Change and our partners will get their opportunity to meet face to face early in the New Year if they wish.

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The deadline for returning the survey is the end of March. 

Thank you for your time we look forward to receiving your views.

Yours sincerely,

Kunle Olulode