Voice4Change Director wins British Community Honours Award

On Friday the 21st of October, Voice4Change Director Kunle Olulode was invited to an exclusive dinner at the House Lords to receive a British Community Honours Award in recognition for outstanding work in supporting voluntary community projects.
Kunle was nominated because of the outstanding work he has done at community level for a range of organisations over many years. His principal nominees were the University of East London Health and Wellbeing Project and Lewisham Sports Consortium - who commended him on how much he helped them establish a new community training facility in Bellingham.
Speaking on behalf of Lewisham Sports Consortium, Secretary Mike Garrick praised Kunle's work.
“Kunle has been instrumental in the progress that we have made. He helped us energise the management, the 44 local volunteers and 4500-5000 local children, adults and young people who use the sports ground annually for a range of activities. We can all see progress.  On behalf of the Lewisham Sports Consortium and myself, we wish Kunle all success in achieving this award – it is well deserved.” 
Natalie Creary Aninakwa, Assistant Director of University of East London Well Communities project, also thanked Kunle for his hard work. 
“He has consistently demonstrated a commitment to addressing inequality through raising awareness and building capacity within communities in the most innovative and engaging way. His creativity goes beyond the bounds of convention and delivers to an exceptionally high standard."
"His commitment to working in partnership has led to the development of exciting projects and programmes. More importantly they have left a legacy in the lives of beneficiaries who experience the poorest health and social outcomes. His collaborative approach has also strengthened working relationships between stakeholders involved.”
Kunle expressed his gratitude after receiving this award.
"I’m very pleased to receive this prestigious award. I see it as a recognition for the work that has been put in by myself and many others at Voice4Change. I hope that good work will continue and be every bit as innovative and supportive of the communities that Voice4Change was set up were set up to represent. This is an exciting and challenging time for us. Acknowledgement such the British Community Honours Award means are still on the right track and can go forward with a degree of optimism despite the challenges we face."
These are difficult times for many in the Voluntary Sector. But receiving such high-profile recognition for his hard work gives Kunle and Voice4Change further confirmation that our hard work is paying off for those who we represent, and that it is not going unnoticed.